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Mind Behaviour Training


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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind"


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A Bit About Mind Behaviour Training

MBT is an online mental health program available to anyone who would like to improve their ability to prevent stress and burnout. This approach is the result of over fifteen years of experience in the management of individuals with treatment-resistant anxiety and depression. The objective was to develop a program that relies on the strengths and skills we already possess. In a society that accepts anxiety and depression as part of life, MBT teaches that high performance is compatible with wellbeing and quality of life.
MBT sessions are currently available for groups using Zoom as the online platform.

MBT Group sessions (Australian residents)

Support Group Meeting

Use the link below if you are an Australian resident. Sessions will be bulk-billed if you have a valid referral.

MBT resources

These documents include handouts to assist you and to monitor your progress during the training process

MBT Handout

This document introduces the basic principles of Mind Behaviour Training. It explains what it is, what it helps with and what happens during the training process.

Introduction to MBT

This document is the first of several forms used during the MBT sessions. They are designed to show how the level of self-neglect and self-disrespect can impact on mental health.

Symptoms Checkilist

This document lists some of the common symptoms of stress and burnout from mild to severe.

It explores the level of self-neglect individuals engage in.

Consideration and Respect Survey

This document lists some of the behaviours linked to anxiety and depression. It explores the extent to which individuals engage in self-neglect and self-disrespect.

Before you start the training



Read the Symptoms Checklist

Acknowledge the level of discomfort you tend to experience during the day. How much discomfort do you enforce as a boundary when approaching important circumstances in life? How much does it need to be before you focus on self-preservation? How much discomfort in the people around you do you enforce as a boundary instead? If different, why?


Read the Behaviours Checklist

What kind of person are you to others when dealing with important circumstances? What kind of person are you within yourself when dealing with important circumstances? If different, why?

How easily do you experience empathy towards others? How easily do you experience empathy towards yourself? If different, why?


Read the Consideration and Respect Survey.

Which behaviours become more prominent when you deal with important circumstances in life? Do you acknowledge that all those behaviours can be damaging? Which boundary do you enforce when you behave that way towards others? Which boundary do you enforce when you behave that way towards yourself? If different, why?

Contact Us

+61 479 136 040

Group Therapy

Dr Angelo De Gioannis MD

MBT was developed by Dr. Angelo De Gioannis, a consultant psychiatrist from Brisbane. He is in full-time private practice and specializes in treatment-resistant anxiety and depressive disorders. For over ten years he coordinated the development and expansion of the Life Promotion Clinic at Griffith University, the only outpatient service in Australia dedicated to the follow up and treatment of individuals with a history of self-harm and suicidal behaviors. He trains and supervises clinicians on suicide prevention strategies and is currently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology. He has published and conducts research on the pharmacological and psychological treatment of severe anxiety and depression in the community.

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